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Game and Nature – Today, there are nearly 7,000 national parks around the world, … the eye of the beholder, these parks offer the best in magnificent landscapes.


The Reunion National Park– The core of the island has been listed as a national park since 2007. The extraordinary value of the landscapes and nature in the Les Hauts area of the island has thus been given the key to conservation, discovery and development it previously lacked, as well as the international recognition it deserved. The core of the park is marked by excellence, where the priority is on protecting the environments, animal and plant species, landscapes and cultural heritage.


The Reunion Marine Nature Reserve, which spans 40km of the coast from Cap La Houssaye to Saint-Paul, and Roche aux Oiseaux to Étang Salé. There is something for everyone here. To reconcile human activity with protection of the reefs, new rules were drawn up in the official order that founded the nature reserve and in prefectural decrees. More than 3,500 species have been listed, including 366 different hard and soft corals, jellyfish, anemones, 200 crustacean species and 1,305 molluscs, starfish, sea urchins and other shellfish.


The national nature reserve at the Etang Saint Paul lake is the only national terrestrial nature reserve on Réunion Island. Etang Saint-Paul is a marshland covering more than 400 ha. It is the biggest coastal wetland on Réunion. It provides highly favourable conditions for the development of animal and plant populations. It is a real natural treasure, located on the west coast of the island and open to the public all year round.