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The Natural History Museum– Located in the State Botanical Garden created by the French East India Company, the Natural History Museum uses the 1834 buildings originally constructed for the Colonial Council of La Reunion. In 1848 the Colonial Council became the General Council and moved to Government House, the present Prefecture of La Reunion. On the 14th of August 1855 the Natural History Museum opened in its place,…


Stella Matutina Museum– The museum stands in a former sugar cane factory. This factory was built in 1855 and closed in 1978. Then, it was bought by the Réunion island department in 1986, who decided to convert it into a museum. The museum opens in 1991, after a very nice restoration. More than 5,000m2 to discover Réunion island history. Most part of the museum is dedicated to sugar cane production : slavery, distilleries, Rhum alcohol…


Saga du Rhum Museum– The adventure of the museum will take you on a journey through the story of an island, its population and the manufacturing process of one of its products. The chronological sequence, richly illustrated by historical documents, objects formerly used and comments by people of the island, will enable you to experience at close…


The Folio house and its garden, built in the XIXth century in the heart of the former spa in Hell-Bourg at an altitude of 3200 ft, is one of Reunion’s historic buildings. At the time, the village was a fashionable holiday destination. The governor used to go there on holiday, as many upper class Creole families who used to stay in stylish…


Museum Leon Dierx– Housed in the former bishop’s palace, built in 1845, this museum hosts Réunion’s most important collection of modern art. The more high-profile works may include paintings, sculptures and ceramics by Rousseau, Gauguin and Bernard (the works exhibited change every three months).


The Arabic Wells is clearly an ancient well of the island of Reunion, French Overseas Department in the southwest Indian Ocean . It is located on the coast near the town of St. Philip a few hundred meters from the edge of the table , the main heading south-east of the island. Furthermore, it is not far from the well of basalt .